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It's time you start living in the moment.
It's time you start living your best life!

Living your best life means being in the moment and  making sure your well-being is part of the equation. After all, you can't share your gifts with the world if you have no energy to give...and the world needs YOU!

Live Your
Best Life Now!

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Are you READY TO Come Back to Your best life? 

Like most women, I bet you've spent years living multiple identities including, daughter, sister, spouse/partner, coworker, friend, mom, classroom mom, dog mom—LOL, it goes on and on, and you've worn a thousand hats in each role. I'm also betting that somewhere along the way, you have gotten so busy with life, that you have forgotten how to BE in this life. Multitasking and rushing takes over, self care goes out the window and most days you are in survival mode trying to simply make it through. 

But...Life is for living not just getting through. I can show you how to step back into your life, take care of you and BE present, so you can ENJOY every moment!

Educating & Empowering
Women To Live Their 
Best Life Now

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Have you thought about your emotional mindset lately? Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, no energy, stressed, anxious, maybe even stuck or are you calm, cool and collected? Take this 2 minute quiz to discover if you are a forgotten garden, an overgrown garden, a wildflower garden or a lush, abundant garden, and tips on how to take better care of you and flourish!

Spoiler alert...You may not be what you think! Don't believe me? Take the quiz to find out. 

I'm an avid flower gardener—its where I find peace & calm. I've discovered that cultivating and growing a beautiful lush flower garden is much like being mindful, nurturing yourself, and taking care of you. 

What Does Your Emotional Garden Look Like? 

Let's Have A Little Fun!

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I work with women, creatives and entrepreneurs who see a bigger vision for themselves and want to make a difference, but get stuck, finding it hard to get past society's norm and expectations or even the pesky stories that show up and hold you back. If this sounds like you, then join the membership, where we use tools and strategies to help you launch your best life.

I Show You Ways To Nurture Yourself, Slow Down Find Joy In The Moments.  

So what do I do?

A podcast for those who want more than just the status quo. Whether you're chasing a dream or following your heart, want a new business, side hustle or hobby or simply want something different, we'll be sharing stories that will encourage, inspire, and motivate you as well as talking about those ingredients needed to launch your best life and transform your life into the story you've been dreaming of living!

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“I won the lottery when I found Susan. She's creative, fun, and thinks outside the box!”


I'm in the business of making the world a better place by helping

women just like you get out of your head and out of your own way so that you can finally share your gifts and talents with the world. You deserve to follow your dreams...and the world needs YOU!

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   I'm Susan 

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