It's Time... Claim The Story You Want To Live!

You have a bigger story you want to be living. NOW, is the time to decide to go for it! 
If you're looking for inspiration, motivation, help changing your self narrative or pesky head talk, accountability, community or a kick in the pants...I've Totally Got You! It sound so cliche, but life is short! Tomorrow is not promised and yesterday is done. I just turned 61 and in the scheme of things, time is moving by fast! Do. Not. Wait. If you feel called to live a passion or a purpose, let's go! The world is waiting. 

let's do this!

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Dear Susan

Dear Susan is the perfect one hour session whether you're looking for business advice or an ear to bend about life situations- I've got you.

Consider me your new best friend with sage wisdom and neighborly girlfriend advice!  
From Business to Life, I've seen it ALL and probably lived most of it.
This could be the best money you ever spend.


Are you ready for a community where you can show up just as you are and find friendships, personal growth and transformation. No judgment here! Just show up! This is a place where you can safely share your stories so you can start living your most purposeful life. I'm so glad you're here! 

Launch Your Best Life 


Got questions? I've got answers!

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You're in the
right place.

We all have stories-they make us who we are. If you feel like you're not pursuing your passions or living your life the way
you had dreamed, I bet you have a story or two that's holding you back. Don't worry, though! You are in the perfect place because figuring out how to rewrite stories so you can get unstuck is what we do around here! We're in this together and I have your back! 

Here's the deal...doing what you love requires courage and bravery just to start. It's not easy to chase your dreams, and throw in there a few stories that you happened to learn or take on during your lifetime that make you question your worth or talent or competency, and that's enough to stop anyone. But the world NEEDS your gifts and talents. THERE IS NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU. So let's uncover, unravel and rewrite those stories so you can be unabashedly you and share those gifts with the world!

You Matter. Your Stories Matter. Your Gifts and Talents Matter. Let's do this. I'm here to help you create a life you love, doing what you love!

You can do anything you dream. But...if you're anything like me, you need help to get out of your own way and take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to help you get unstuck and tell you what works.

These stories may look like procrastination, a project never being perfect enough, not completing something because it's not good enough, never starting something because you're not an expert, or just plain ole self sabotage or never getting around to it.

How Your Stories Keep You Stuck

Ways To Release Your Blocks

Awareness is the first key to releasing your blocks. Learning to recognize when your stories are holding you back  and then creating a pattern interrupter is a learned skill...yes you can do this! 

what you'll learn here: 

How To Rewrite Your Story

Learning to rewrite your story is simply a skill that takes practice and time.  You have everything you need inside you, but...It helps to have tools, encouragement, cheerleaders and community. You're in the right place. That's where we come in!

let's do this together

Sharing your stories can make you feel crazy vulnerable, I get it! That's why having a safe community is so important.
A community of women like you who want more, want to be and do more and they know if they crack the code on what holds them back, then they could take the world by storm.

You are not alone. Join us.

did we just become best friends?