So, Here's the Story...

In 2010, I begged my best friend to fire me from a 26 year career as a nurse
...and...she did!   
BEST move ever!

I jumped into the entrepreneurial world with huge dreams and started saying yes to most anything. I had no idea what I was doing but amazing doors started to open!

It's been a crazy awesome journey with lots of life lessons along the way. 

"There are no mistakes,only opportunities." ~ Tina Fey

Morning affirmations, barn duty, daily quiet walks, phone calls to my kids and Baby B, afternoon wind down with Mark, and good skincare! 

daily rituals

In the barnyard or the garden, walking the dogs, brainstorming new ideas with clients or creating new programs.


Keeping up with the Jones's, false eyelashes, meetings or pretending to be something I'm not,  


Following your heart even if it goes against the norm, belly laughs, fun, and cutting out
the 'meh' making room for the best.I also believe your story is important-sharing our stories can change the world.


  • I have 2 rescued goats, and 4 dogs-one is blind, one is deaf, one is older and cantankerous and a 14 week old puppy
  • I'm passionate about animals
  • I'm working on being vegan
  • I've done stand up comedy
  • Been on the Dr. Oz Show
  • I've written a children's book called A Dragon In The Bathroom -it's on Amazon
  • Laughing is a passion
  • I'm on a mission to change the world through stories :)

Stories are my superpower! From uncovering the stories that hold you back, to using stories to move you forward, I help you think outside the box so you can rewrite the life story you envision.

Hello friend!   I’m Susan McMullen ✨
I’m a Story Mentor and a Life/Business Coach for women just like you.
You Were Meant For Great Things! Sometimes, though, little stories creep in and tell you that you're not good enough, expert enough, ready enough, don't look the part, etc., and these stories hold you back and keep you stuck. I know because I have lived in those shoes. After I left nursing, I became a certified business coach and a speaker, but I always felt like a fraud. I never felt good enough, thin enough, or expert enough and I couldn't ever ask to be paid. One day a light bulb went off in my head...maybe I needed to uncover some of these stories for myself. So I started studying stories, where they come from, how we take them in and how they affect us. I honestly became obsessed with stories and I have been speaking about, talking about and teaching stories for now over a decade. 

A  Few  Other  Fun  Facts About  Me

An Inspirational Podcast


Chips and Salsa


How Are You, Really?


A Margarita, For Sure


With My Goats or In The Garden

Hanging out: 


My Favorite Things

My Garden — It's where I find peace and solitude and I can be creative without rules!

Coffee! Mark brings me a cup in bed every morning to start my day. LOVE IT

Family! I'm that girl who believes family is everything! I love having all my kids and grandson (and sisters and sister friends) nearby to do life with. 

my guilty pleasure

My Favorite Things

Mark! We've been together more than 40 years. He's my best friend always cheering on me and my crazy ideas! 

The Beach! It's my zone of serenity where all of my best ideas happen.

Hanging with the Goats! Yes I have four and they are something else! Never a dull moment and they make me so happy!

my happy place!



Night Owl

City Life






Early Bird

Country Life




Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

This      That


If we own the story then we
can write the ending

– Brene Brown

words to live by:

let's work together

If you're like me, you just feel like there's something more. It doesn't mean you don't love your family, spouse, kids, friends or your job. It simply means that deep inside you may have a yearning to try, do or be something different or maybe it's a dream or vision. Whatever it is, it's on your heart because you're meant to do it. Don't let those inner dialogues or stories hold you back. I can help!

did we just become best friends?