Launch Your Best Life 

Unravel Your Stories

Unravel Your Stories

To all the women who have a dream on their heart and know without a doubt that you are meant for more, you are meant to make a difference or change the world in some small (or huge) way, but you've been stuck because those little voices in your head tell you that you're not ready, or good enough, or perfect enough...this is for you!

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Imagine you're living in your purpose, doing what you love, feeling confident and joyful. Imagine that you're no longer wishing but doing...the inner dialogue has changed from I'm not good enough, I'm not as good as that person, who would want what I have, I don't look the part or I'm not perfect enough to...I've got this or I am awesome. Imagine that you feel empowered, alive, fulfilled and passionate! Yes! You! You're doing it (whatever it is)! And you're having fun and finding joy. Oh! Did I mention you made friends along the way to share your successes and joy with! 
Doesn't that sound SWEET

What if...dream with me for a minute...

Ready to add joy and fun and purpose into your life?

"Finding community where I know I'm not alone and I can openly share the stories that hold me back has been amazing!"

— Julie

"Uncovering these stories has been life changing"

You're not alone! I have done the same thing!

one day you look in the mirror and think my life is passing by. If I don't change the stories I tell myself I will have so many regrets when I die! 

guess what...

I totally I understand because I have lived it! I have spent a lifetime having fabulous ideas only to shove them away because others didn't see my vision and I told myself they were probably right. I worked in a job for years because of other's expectations, and I told myself it was the right thing to do. I have missed pictures and memories with my kids and family because of the stories I told myself about how my body needed to look. The problem is when you look back, you can never go back. You can't recapture that time lost. 

I discovered this way later in life and started making it my mission to change my stories. Then one day, I had this epiphany and  realized that not only can I change my stories, but that my thing,  that thing I'm meant to do to change the to help others just like you change their stories so we can all do what we were put on this earth to do.

Friend, we are in this together! Do not let your dreams and passions pass you by.

The Membership

Launch Your Best life


Ready to finally get unstuck and stop those pesky stories that you tell yourself- the ones that say you're not good enough, thin enough, smart enough or talented enough? You are in the right place!
 Unravel Your Stories is a community just for you, all about recognizing the stories, finding how they show up in your life and then breaking the cycle and rewriting them so you can move forward and get out of your own way.  And the best'll be surrounded by a community of compassionate, purpose-driven, passionate women just like you. Here you'll find friendship, motivation, inspiration, support and so much more! 

This first week of each month, you'll receive an email that identifies a new story that could be holding you back along with tips, tools and strategies to help you recognize where this might be showing up in your life.

The second week of each month is about creating a pattern interrupt. Once you recognize how a story shows up in your life, you need to interrupt the behavior or thought so you can rewrite the story. 

Here's What You'll Learn Each Month

How to Recognize Stories  

The Pattern Interrupt

week 1

week 2

This is where you rewrite the story so that you can get unstuck, move forward and dive into your best life!

Rewriting The Story

week 3 


You'll be able to stop living in the in between world of wanting more, but staying stuck, and actually start doing what you love.

How does this sound?

You'll have a safe space to talk about those stories that hold you back - no judgement. You are not alone.



the results you're going to get:

You're going to have tools, strategies and tips to help you rewrite those stories.

You're going to learn to recognize when an unwanted story is showing up and holding you back.

That life or vision you've been dreaming of? You'll finally be creating it!




I want in!

How It Works 

First Monday of each month you'll get an email with instructions for the story we'll be breaking down that month  

First This

Second Monday you'll receive another email of how we can use a pattern interrupt so you can create a story that serves you better

Then this

Third Monday you'll receive an email with strategies of how to rewrite those stories that no longer serve you

then this

Last week of the month we'll have a live call so we can connect, chat, celebrate and answer any questions 

Finally This

and This 

You'll also receive surprise bonuses along the way

And this

Private FaceBook Community  where you'll find conversation threads, share successes, connect and share ideas

A year from now you
will have wished you started today....

So let's get  you started!

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$27 Month

We'll be doing a monthly book club with a live call to discuss it!

I am a total geek when it comes to self improvement books and business strategy books.

I always feel like if I can take away one nugget of info that helps my business and/or side hustle, or encourages or motivates me, then it was so worth my time. 

 Book Club

With a live call to review and discuss

Plus ...

"This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.


I'm Susan, just a girl who wants to change the world :)

And I'm doing that by helping you and others change the stories you tell yourself and the stories you share with others. You see, I believe that how we show up and follow our visions & passions (or don't), depends on what we tell ourselves. I also believe that by sharing our stories, we create connection, empathy, compassion, hope and inspiration for others. Our stories can literally change the world. 

more about me

hey there!

Don't wait to live the life of your dreams...

I have always wanted to do something really big...something that would change the world, and I've have tons of ideas to do just this...the sad thing is that with every idea, I would start it and then quietly sabotage it-just enough so that there was a reason it wouldn't work. Or...
  • I'd never release something because it was never perfect.
  • I would secretly want to try a new hobby, but thought it was too silly for an overweight middle age woman.
  • As a coach, I could never justify asking to be paid my worth. 
I always held myself back—until I started changing my stories. Once I started changing the inner dialogue, I started to rewrite those stories so I could step out, find courage, get unstuck, try new things, be bold, love myself and follow dreams & passions. I could finally be me and leave the judgement, criticism and self doubt behind. I haven't done it by myself, though. I have surrounded myself with others that believe in me. That's why I created Unravel Your Stories.

This is not an exclusive club. You too can change your stories and live the life of your dreams!

but it took a minute for me to put two and two together!.

This membership is meant to give you tools and support to bring your visions to life, for a life you love.

All you need to do is be willing to do the work, keep an open mind, be ready to experiment and dig deep for a little patience.

You already have everything you need within you.

Join us...we are better together 

In this community you’ll be surrounded by compassionate, kind, passion driven  friends who just get it and are excited to share in your success. We’ll be doing the ‘hard work’ together but also laughing and celebrating one another.

After all, A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats. 

If you decide this membership isn't for you, know that you can cancel anytime. 
simply zip an email to...

...I think you'll want to stay! 

Launch Your Best Life

The membership

Unravel Your Stories

This      for you if:

YOu are ready to transform you life 


You're ready to stop living between where you are now & the life of your dreams 

you're not willing to try new things

You've had enough of the self talk and you're ready to make a change

It's probably       for you if...

YOU'RE wound tightly and want exact results



It's probably
for you if...


Let's Do This Thing!

Cancel anytime

$27 Month

Join Our Community

How is the information delivered?

Monday of each week you will receive an email which contains all the info needed for that week. We will also have a live call via Zoom at the end of each month. And, we have a private FB community to connect and chat in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do I need?

No special tools are needed although some people I have worked with find a journal helpful.

Will the price go up?

I may raise the price in the future, but as long as you remain in good standing, your original price will not change.

What if I miss a class or cannot be there live?

Don't worry. The calls will be recorded.

Do I need to participate in the FB community?

While participation is not a requirement to be a member, like most things, the more you participate and share in the community, the more yu will get out of it.

What is the refund policy?

While I don't offer refunds due to the nature of the membership, you can cancel any time and will not be charged going forward.

Will this work for me?

While I cannot make guarantees, I will promise you that if you put in the work, you will start becoming more aware -which is the first key to change.

Will you be available to ask questions? 

We will have live session at the end of each month via Zoom to answer questions, plus you can pop your questions into the private FB group for myself or other members to answer. 

shoot me an email

I completely understand. It's pretty crazy to think about rewriting your story!

I'm happy to answer all questions!

Still on the fence?