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It's time you start living your most purposeful life!

I help you unravel the sneaky stories that hold you back & keep you playing small, so you can move forward towards the life you're meant to be living. 


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Change Your Story...Change Your Life

I Can help you with that!

Are you READY?  Let's Go!

If you are like most women, you have spent far too long letting the little voice in your head hold you back from becoming the person you know
you were meant to be!

It's time to turn those stories around so you can create
a life you love, doing what you love 

Unravel Your Stories And TransformYour Life

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Hey there! Do you ever feel like you want something more, but you're too afraid to go for it? Or maybe the vision you have on your vision board just isn't happening. Or maybe it seems there are reasons and excuses galore why you never seem to step out, follow your passions or achieve that end goal?

Spoiler alert...You just may have a few stories getting in your way. Don't believe me? Take the quiz to find out. 

Discover if the stories you tell yourself are keeping you stuck from moving forward doing what you love!

Got Any Stories You Need To Unravel?  

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I work with women, creatives and entrepreneurs who see a bigger vision for themselves and want to make a difference, but get stuck because of those pesky stories that show up and hold you back. If this sounds like you, then join the membership, where we use tools and strategies to help you transform your story and your life. If you need a more attention, then let's talk!

Helping Women Live Their Best Story

I've Got You...

A podcast sharing stories that will inspire, encourage and motivate you as well as breaking down stories that hold you back so you can move forward!
And since I believe in having fun and laughing, you better believe it will be a ton of fun with tons of positive energy! Join me to transform your life into the story you've been dreaming of living!

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Talking About Stories

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“I won the lottery when I found Susan. She's creative, fun, and thinks outside the box!”


I'm in the business of making the world a better place by helping

women just like you, uncover the stories that hold you back from doing the things you were put on this earth to do. Sometimes little stories creep in and tell you that you're not good enough, expert enough, ready enough, don't look the part, etc., and these stories hold you back. Once you uncover them & discover their origin, you can reframe and clear them so you can then share your gifts with the world...and the world needs YOU!

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   I'm Susan 

Ready to Make Your Dreams Happen?

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Join our community of women just like you or if you want to dive a little deeper let's chat. Start transforming your life one story at a time!